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Teena B, Philadelphia (Part 2)

My mom was around 22 years old at the time, she didn’t have any idea what would happen to her, where she would end up going or the fact, that she wouldn’t see her family again for a decade. She ultimately arrived safely at the refugee camp, sneaking into some side entrance – barely making it pass the guards who were arresting another large group of people at the front gate...

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Teena B, Philadelphia

One of the most powerful exchanges I've ever had with my mom, was recounting her experience of escaping Laos: It was during Lao New Year in 1980, for some reason, Laos and Thailand had a shared celebration that year, which allowed people to move freely between the two countries. She went to the last day of the celebration with her mother. As she was about to leave, she saw a friend who seemed to be in rush, and asked her where she was going – her friend was going to cross the border to Thailand to go to the refugee camp there...

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Alex Hanesakda, Wisconsin

Being raised banh nawk and being raised in Wisconsin - synonymously, Lao farming and WI agriculture - growing up in my parents kitchen, helping them butcher and prepare food that we raised and foraged ourselves, I was fascinated with the idea of living off the land ever since I was a kid. A food memory that is cemented with me is the picture of our family in the refugee camp. Stories on end about my parents creating dishes with so little resources and considering that "soul food". Lao culture taught me that...

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