Bringing together Lao Americans in continuing their cultural legacy through storytelling and the arts. Take off your shoes and join us.


The trauma of war isn't easy to talk about, but in hiding it, that history becomes forgotten, misunderstood. For future generations, this turns into questions about their identities, not knowing what to ask and whom to seek those answers from.

We believe the arts is that link to initiating dialogue.

Our story


It started with one Lao artist meeting another Lao artist. Then another, and another, until we realized we were all telling similar stories though our work - work that had been recognized in the arts world, and that although reflected our culture and community, did not actively seek to engage the very people who inspired it. Until now.

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Their Story

Meet Manila and Kris, the Brooklyn-based duo behind #IEatLaoFood For our very first House Guest Series we took a trip to Manila's childhood home in Syracuse, New York, where Kris' first taste of his mom's steamed fish became her favorite Lao dish and where his father has turned the house into a mini-museum of their family history.

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Your Story

We'd like to hear from you! Our online submissions page page is where stories live. We're looking for anything and everything - all stories are welcomed. Just send a picture with as few or many words to describe who, when, where and what's happening. If you're not sure, feel free to get in touch with us and we'll help you out.

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This #FridayThe13th, three Lao ghosts for you.

This #FridayThe13th, three Lao ghosts for you.

Our classic Black & Gold shirt in a long sleeve crew, who wants one?

Our classic Black & Gold shirt in a long sleeve crew, who wants one?