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Titus, Lancaster, PA

My name is Titus Peachy. Laos is an incredibly beautiful country with wonderful people who have been through a dreadful war and suffered greatly. And yet I found people there to be so resilient - and very humbling to me as a U.S. citizen - very hospitable and generous in their reception of me into their homes and telling me stories. Often, eating in Lao villages I would be served food with spoons and forks and plates made from U.S. bombs. They took a weapon of war and turned it into an instrument of hospitality and nurturing - a powerful symbol.

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Phitsamay, Lowell, MA

My first memory of the refugee camp was waiting for the U.N./Red Cross to come with food rations, and I remember that this other older lady didn’t have any children and my mom would loan me to her because if you had more children you get more food. So once I week I pretended to be her daughter. Whenever I would go with Mae Ba I would get a lollipop, so of course I always wanted to go with her.

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