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Deth, Washington D.C.

My first summer job in America, was in a clothing factory back in San Diego. I was opening the boxes and folding the t-shirts. After that I was working in the county office of education specializing in juvenile department, and then I went back to school and got into hotel management. I moved to San Francisco and worked as an administrator doing payroll, but got bored very quickly. One day I was helping my Chef, a master chef from France, and he like the way I presented things, so he said I’m gonna recommend you to go to the Culinary Institute of America. So I went to CIA in Hyde Park, NY in 2003, and my major was culinary art. People hired me to do pastries, and I did that for five years. I moved to D.C., that’s how I ended up at Doi Moi, where I am the Chef de Cuisine.

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