New Year, New Site!


Just in time for Lao New Year, we decided that it was time to give the 'ol site a little makeover. Something that was easier to manage, but also to properly highlight all the exciting projects we're rolling out this year. One thing we're really excited about is our new House Guests video series, where we visit people in their homes and get them to share stories using objects found within. 

One of the major changes is our StoryBoard, which was never on the old site, but rather had lived on our Tumblr page. The StoryBoard was a combination of street interviews and submissions, and because these stories are so important, we wanted to make sure they were accessible within without having to redirect to yet another blog platform -- but don't worry, we still have our Tumblr! It's now just a page of inspo, like it should be.

You'll also notice the blog entries here only start with posts from this year, 2016. We couldn't quite transfer everything over from the old site, so we just added only the latest news. However if you're looking for something specific we're happy to help - just email us us at info@laosinthehouse,com.

We hope you're just as excited as we are about what the Lao New Year 2559 will bring us, and come along for the ride. As always you're welcome to take off your shoes and join us.