The Laos In The House x Tony Innouvong Lao New Year East Coast Tour

In the words of our favorite cartoon hillbilly, Happy Pee Mai! We're joining forces with designer Tony Innouvong to get it in at as many Lao New Year festivals along the East Coast this time around. Tony will have the newest pieces from his Spring '16 line, and we'll have a fresh order of our own LITH tees on deck! We're trying all the festival foods of course, but also capturing the stories and sharing in the celebrations with new friends.

If you'd like to join us in our adventure to see what each Lao New Year 2559 has to offer us, here's the details:

St. Petersburg: England Brothers Park, 5010 81st Avenue North, Pinellas Park, FL, 33781

Friends Without A Border Gala: The Lighthouse 61 Chelsea Piers #300, New York, NY 10011

Binghamton: Wat Lao Samakhitham, 2040 U.S. 11 Castle Creek, NY, 13744

Philadelphia: Lao Buddhist Temple 335 E. Chew Avenue Philadelphia PA 19120

Manassas: Wat Lao Buddhavong , 3043 Catlett Road Catlett, VA, 20119

Providence: Wat Lao Buddhovath 88 Limerock Road Smithfield RI

Hope to see all the lovely folks out!