It’s International Womens’ Day – Look Who’s On Little Laos On The Prairie!

Today's an especially great day to celebrate all the women that make the world a better place, and we're honored to share that our Creative Director Catzie Vilayphonh is the newest Lao-Diaspora-Of-The-Week feature at Little Laos On the Prairie. As part of team of Lao American Writers Summit, LLOTP has been featuring many of the creative movers and shakers in the Lao American community before the event takes place in May.

I always answer with “My parents are from Laos”, so the follow up is either they know about Laos (so they think) or they have no idea where and what country. I sometimes give a little geography and history lesson, depending on how much patience I have.
— Catzie

To read the rest of Catzie's interview head over to LLOTP here.