Oodles of Lao Noodles


It’s that time of year again, when we make a list of things we’re talking about alot. This time it’s Lao noodle soups, oodles and oodles of Lao noodles in hot, steamy, soup. Are you hungry yet? Maybe because winter is coming there’s been buzz about making and eating noodle soups — but then again that’s also just westernized marketing. Laos stays tropical all year round, so soups are enjoyed even in the hottest weather, for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, in the dry season and during monsoon. So you go ahead and get your noodle soup on whenever! And as much as we wanna hashtag #GaengGang Lao noodle soups are named after their noodles, so they technically wouldn’t be a gaeng. #OodlesOfLaoNoodles it is then. We came up with 8 bowls, with special help from our volunteer and in-house chef Donna Phimmasone Brown, a mother of five who always has food ready in her kitchen (thank you Donna, we don’t deserve you 😭😭😭). Which Lao noodles soups made the rounds? Check out our list ›