The trauma of war isn’t easy to talk about but in hiding it, that history becomes forgotten, misunderstood. For future generations, this turns into questions about their identities, not knowing what to ask and whom to seek those answers from.

We believe the arts is that link to initiating dialogue.
"Dancing For Mother" m  ixed media on Denim, by Chantala Kommanivanh

"Dancing For Mother" mixed media on Denim, by Chantala Kommanivanh


Artists have frequently been referred to as voices for the people, and their work often utilized as tools for social change. Highlighting artists who are creating work gives us a chance to shine a spotlight on the Lao American experience. Conducting one-on-one interviews and sharing online submissions through the mediums of words, pictures and videos, we get personal accounts of an overlooked history. Whether traditional khaen musician or contemporary neo illustrationist painter, whether refugee survivor, descendant of the royal Lao family or adopted son of a former soldier, we believe that all stories are important to the narrative of Lao America.