Bringing together Lao & Laotian Americans in continuing their cultural legacy through storytelling and the arts.

The trauma of war isn't easy to talk about, but in hiding it, that history becomes forgotten, misunderstood. For future generations, this turns into questions about their identities, not knowing what to ask and whom to seek those answers from. We believe the arts is that link to initiating dialogue.

Take off your shoes and join us.

Our Mission

To promote storytelling in the Lao American refugee community through the mediums of art.

By way of programming, events and partnership projects, we integrate storytelling with art to engage community members in sharing their own personal narratives, in the way they want to be seen and heard. We recognize the work of Lao American artists already sharing their stories while giving voice to those who cannot do so for themselves, in the hopes of healing the scars of war and beginning the process of regular intercultural, intergenerational exchanges.


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"It’s a space for me to learn about my heritage, to make mistakes and still feel comfortable."

— Bo (Volunteer)


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Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

Waiting To Get #Blessed This Year? We Got You!

Waiting To Get #Blessed This Year? We Got You!

Four Lao Americans enter a film festival…

Four Lao Americans enter a film festival…


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