Save The Date: #BLESSED Lao New Year Dinner Pop-Up!

It's that time of year again - our favorite holiday to end and begin all holidays - Lao New Year! Yes we know that the official date takes place mid-April (13-15, or 14-16 depending on who's calendar you're looking at) but have our people ever been on time? New Year celebrations have already started in Minneapolis and Louisiana (aka Lao-isiana) with places like Rhode Island getting their party on well into mid-May -- coincidentally also where we're ending our Lao New Year East Coast 2016 Tour with Tony Innouvong. But this party, aptly named #BLESSED is taking place on Saturday May 7th in Philly and includes some more good friends of ours, Manila and Kris of #IEatLaoFood!


Details are still being finalized but we hear there'll be old school Lao karaoke jams, a monk to officiate a water blessing, and lots of eating delicious Lao on the floor while getting to know your neighbor's spice level. We hope to see you then - so mark your calendars and save that date!